Development of Mobile Phone APPs

TINTIN TECHNOLOGY INC. provides the development of applications appropriate for not only Android System but also iOS (iPhone and iPad). Here, you can get one-stop solutions.

Website Design and Construction

TINTIN TECHNOLOGY INC. possesses excellent graphic designers and professional software engineers who can use the latest fashion and vision to provide the service of website construction for clients.

Customized Enterprise Software Development

An idea for a custom software solution for your company, or you are engaged in software product development, tintintek is ready to provide full-cycle software development services at each stage of your project.

Website Design and Construction

The display effect of your website in the mainstream browsers (such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and 360 Safe Browser) will stay the same.

Development Process of Customized Software

Before formally starting programming, we have to spend much time in discussing your business model, project objective and success standard with you and your team and thus define the project demand. After that, we implement software design, including expression of framework and detailed functions, prototype manufacture and other processes. We can enter the programming and testing stages only after finishing the above processes and steps. Therefore, development of customized software is a process involving many aspects but not only programming.