About Us

TINTIN Technology Inc. possesses professional software engineers and thus can customize various management software products for your enterprise such as desktop software and database system. The software services we have involved so far include software development, software customization, software design, development of ERP system, development of invoicing management system, customization of enterprise management software, development of OA system, development of HR system, development of financial system and so on.

Before formally starting programming, we have to spend much time in discussing your business model, project objective and success standard with you and your team and thus define the project demand. After that, we implement software design, including expression of framework and detailed functions, prototype manufacture and other processes. We can enter the programming and testing stages only after finishing the above processes and steps. Therefore, development of customized software is a process involving many aspects but not only programming.

If you contact us now, we can provide you with free consulting services including the determination of the overall website style, website using objects, transfer of existing website and so on as per your thoughts and requirements. We will make offers as well as website design and construction schemes as per the communication results.

For more information about TINTIN Technology Inc., please give us a call at: (714) 773-0735 or fax: (714-773-0740), We would love to learn more about you, your business and your computing needs. Contact us, please!